Hidden Meanings of Chinese Animal Symbols

Chinese animal symbols have their particular hidden that means that reflects the reality and truth of existence. These are basically picked up from the wealthy historical past of Chinese culture and lifestyle. It is assumed that Chinese human beings behold wonderful energy of creativity that spells philosophy and spirituality.

Here are a number of the most full-size Chinese animal symbols with their hidden that means:


Butterfly is a beautiful creature spreading love in all paperwork and colors. This symbol taken from Chinese subculture symbolizes love and the real sentiments of a younger heart. It defines an everlasting bond between folks who behold actual love for each other. In a Chinese wedding ceremony offering butterfly meaning chinese this image in any shape is considered most precious for a newly wed couple starting their adventure of affection.


Goldfish is an animal that indicates abundance of gold. It is believed to convey prosperity, harmony, and wealth. This symbol whilst printed or embroidered on any issue like clothes, baggage, or add-ons symbolizes abundance of strength and happiness.


Horse is one of the maximum popular Chinese animal symbols as it shows endurance, loyalty, and purity. It is a vast element of the Buddhist philosophy that guarantees higher credibility and recognition of an man or woman.


Phoenix is believed to be the king of the winged state in step with Chinese philosophy. The image conveys power, resilience, magnificence, reputation, and right fortune. It is philosophically defined as the factor of right cosmic energy that evokes effective electricity to expand 5 key human features which are distinctive feature, responsibility, alignment, compassion, and loyalty.


Rooster is an animal that once embossed or printed as a image makes a wish for advancement. This is believed to be an auspicious creature that holds an extraordinary power to keep off evil spirits and negative energies triumphing all round. The lifestyles of this creature is alarming to all evil spirits.


Tiger is thought to be one of the strongest animals in the animal international. The creature indicates numerous traits like dignity, ferocity, braveness, staying power, and sternness. It is likewise used as a symbol for protection and a sage dwelling. The Chinese philosophy defines Tiger as the God of Wealth and also states the supremacy of the intangible forces.